Course Description

The Therapeutic Activity Professional course is based upon 90 hours of instruction, designed to give students a theoretical framework of the profession, as well as provide knowledge of specific job functions, including client populations, approaches to care and documentation.

A second component of the course, to be completed concurrently, is a 90 hour field-experience practicum, where students will partner with an agency to be mentored by a member of the leadership team, complete assignments and have an opportunity for skills practice.


  • Students will develop an understanding of Therapeutic Recreation processes including assessment, goal setting and evaluation.

  • Students will broaden their scope of understanding as it relates to programming of a holistic nature (person centred care).

  • Students will develop professional skills that enable them to excel in a cooperative setting as part of a multi disciplinary team, as well as how to effectively self-manage and lead others in their roles.

  • Students will gain confidence and skills that enable them to effectively educate stakeholders on the value and role of a Therapeutic Activity Professional.

Course Curriculum

    1. Week One Slides

    2. March 15 Live Class

    3. Learning Journal Options

    4. Week One Recording

    1. Week Two Slides

    2. Practicum Exercises

    3. Suggested Learning Journal Topics (Choose One or Both)

    4. Suggested Learning Journal Topics (Choose One or Both)

    5. March 22nd Live Class

    6. Week Two Recording

    1. Week Three Slides

    2. The Wellness Tree

    3. Suggested Learning Journal Topics

    4. March 29th Live Class

    5. Week Three Recording

    1. Week Four Slides

    2. Practical Exercise Time Sheet

    3. Suggested Learning Journal Topics

    4. April 5th Live Class

    5. Week Four Recording

    1. Week Five Slides

    2. Suggested Learning Journal Topic

    3. April 12th Live Class

    4. Week Five Recording

    5. Environmental Assessment Form

    1. Week Six Slides

    2. April 19th Live Session

    3. Language Resource Documents

    4. Week Six Recording

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