Course Description

The Therapeutic Activity Professional course is based upon 90 hours of instruction, designed to give students a theoretical framework of the profession, as well as provide knowledge of specific job functions, including client populations, approaches to care and documentation.

A second component of the course, to be completed concurrently, is a 90 hour field-experience practicum, where students will partner with an agency to be mentored by a member of the leadership team, complete assignments and have an opportunity for skills practice.


  • Students will develop an understanding of Therapeutic Recreation processes including assessment, goal setting and evaluation.

  • Students will broaden their scope of understanding as it relates to programming of a holistic nature (person centred care).

  • Students will develop professional skills that enable them to excel in a cooperative setting as part of a multi disciplinary team, as well as how to effectively self-manage and lead others in their roles.

  • Students will gain confidence and skills that enable them to effectively educate stakeholders on the value and role of a Therapeutic Activity Professional.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Session One: The People We Serve

    • Week One Slides

    • April 13th Live Class

    • Week One Recording

  • 2

    Session Two: The People We Serve (Con't)

    • Week Two Slides

    • April 20th Live Class

    • Week Two Recording

    • Practicum Exercises

    • Suggested Learning Journal Topics (Choose One or Both)

    • Suggested Learning Journal Topics (Choose One or Both)

  • 3

    Session Three: The Work We Do

    • Week Three Slides

    • April 27th Live Class

    • The Wellness Tree

    • Suggested Learning Journal Topics

    • Week Three Recording

  • 4

    Session Four: The Work We Do (con't)

    • Week Four Slides

    • May 4th Live Class

    • Practical Exercise Time Sheet

    • Suggested Learning Journal Topics

    • Week Four Recording

  • 5

    Session Five: Environment

    • Week Five Slides

    • May 11th Live Class

    • Week Five Recording

    • Suggested Learning Journal Topic

  • 6

    Session Six: Person-Centred Programs

    • Week Six Slides

    • May 18th Live Class

    • Week Six Recording

  • 7

    Session Seven: Person-Centred Programs (con't)

    • Week Seven Slides

    • May 25th Live Class

    • Week Seven Recording

    • Activity Needs Assessment

  • 8

    Session Eight: Providing Meaningful Activities

    • Week Eight Slides

    • June 1st Live Class

    • Week 8 Recording

  • 9

    Session Nine/Ten: Providing Meaningful Activities (con't) and Understanding Dementia

    • Week Nine Slides

    • June 8th Live Class

    • Week Ten Slides

    • Week Nine and Ten Recording

  • 10

    Session Eleven: Understanding Dementia

    • June 15th Live Class

    • Week Eleven Slides

  • 11

    Summer Project Presentations

    • September 7th Recording

  • 12

    Session Twelve: Documentation: Overview

    • Week Twelve Slides

    • September 14th Live Class

    • September 14th Recording

  • 13

    Session Thirteen: Documentation: Assessment

    • Week Thirteen Slides

    • September 21st Live Class

    • September 21st Recording

  • 14

    Session Fourteen: Documentation: Writing Goals and Objectives

    • Week Fourteen Slides

    • September 28th Live Class

    • September 28th Recording

  • 15

    Session Fifteen: Documentation: Evaluation

    • Week Fifteen Slides

    • October 5th Live Class

  • 16

    Session Seventeen: Narrative Care: Overview

    • Week Seventeen Slides

    • Narrative

    • Supplemental R

    • October 19 Recording

  • 17

    Session Eighteen: Narrative Care: Programming and Therapeutic Dolls

    • Week Eighteen Slides

    • October 26 Live Class

    • Session 18 Recording

  • 18

    Session Nineteen: Music Care: Overview

    • Week Nineteen Slides

    • November 2nd Live Class

    • Week 19 Recording

  • 19

    Session Twenty: Animal Assisted Therapy

    • November 9th Live Class

    • November 9th Recording

  • 20

    Session Twenty-One: Councils

    • Week 21 Slides

    • Week 21 Recording

  • 21

    Session Twenty-Two: Volunteers

    • November 23rd Live Class

  • 22

    Session Twenty Three: Quality Assurance, Infection Control, Risk Management

    • November 30th Live Session

    • Quality Assurance, Infection Control, Risk Management

    • November 30th Recording

  • 23

    Session Twenty-Four: Professional Skills: Time Management and Final Project Preparations

    • December 7th Live Class


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